Hot Mess

Confession time: During the late ’90s, I loved me some Natalie Imbruglia. “Torn” was catchy as hell and her follow-up, “Wishing I Was There,” is still on my iPod. Plus, she was just so adorable, right? So, you can imagine my horror when I saw this:

Between that dress from the Dorothy Gale evening collection and the hideous blonde hair, she looks like someone who’s ready for a charity dance at the hospital with the Golden Girls. WTF?


9 responses to “Hot Mess

  1. Oh. my. god. Thank you for that, I laughed out loud at that picture. Is she still married to the guy from Silverchair? Wonder what he thinks of that get-up?


  3. @London_Calling: Well, according to Wikipedia, they divorced this past January. So maybe this is a symptom of some kind of divorce-induced psychosis.

  4. She looks like Amy Sedaris doing an impersonation of somebody doing an impersonation of Amy Sedaris in drag.

    OK, maybe “tranny Amy Sedaris” would have been less confusing.

  5. She’s a dead ringer for Carol Channing….and that’s not a good thing! Holy.Hell and WTF.

  6. It’s like that woman from Northern Exposure who was so pretty, then she went blonde and crayzah.

  7. @SPARKLE: It’s so funny you mention her, because I saw her on Fox News the other day, talking about how great Sarah Palin is, and comparing her Northern Exposure character to her. I didn’t realize she was a Republican nut job.

  8. @GreenEyed: My exact thought upon seeing her!

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