More Bad News

The horrific murder of Jennifer Hudson’s mother and brother just took another turn for the worse as authorities in Chicago found a body inside the SUV linked to Hudson’s missing nephew.

Seven-year-old Julian King was reported missing after the bodies of his grandmother and uncle were found in their Chicago home. Reports indicate the body is that of a child, but it has yet to be confirmed that it’s King. 

The suspect in the case, Hudson’s brother-in-law (also step-father of King) is reportedly in custody.

This story just keeps getting more and more tragic. I hope and pray it’s all resolved soon and the family can get some kind of peace. My heart goes out to them all.

5 responses to “More Bad News

  1. I am so heartbroken over this. I will never understand why people involve children in their disputes or why people align themselves with people who would harm their children. Boo all around.

  2. Children are the innocents. Nothing enrages me more (and it takes a lot to make me mad) than the violence against children.
    I am a peaceful woman, but I think that is the most hideous crime of all. Prayers to the family for sure!

  3. Terrible terrible.

  4. I’m just at a loss for words as to the depths of tragedy and horror in this situation. I hope Jennifer has a solid network of support in the time ahead.

  5. I’ve looked up to jennifer hudson being a singer, as i would like to be one day. But i think this situation was wrong i noe itz hurting hr. AND i want her to noe that i support her.

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