Hot Mess: R.I.P.

The original fashion snarker, Richard Blackwell, died Sunday at age 86, of complications from an intestinal infection. Mr. Blackwell’s annual worst dressed list called out hundreds of Hollywood stars for their less than stellar fashion choices. In loving memory, here are a few of his best barbs:

Martha Stewart: “She dresses like the centerfold for the Farmer’s Almanac.”

Sharon Stone: “She looks like an over-the-hill Cruella de Ville.”

Elizabeth Taylor: “Looks like two small boys fighting under a mink blanket.”

Renee Zellweger: “A painted pumpkin on a pogo stick.”

Ann-Margret: “Marlon Brando in a g-string.”


3 responses to “Hot Mess: R.I.P.

  1. Yes, the king-n-queen of snark shall be missed. Wonder who will carry on his legacy??

  2. angiesyounglover

    painted pumpkin on a pogo stick? street poet!!

  3. I love the Martha quote. I plan to use it today in his honor.

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