McCain’s Return

Last night, John McCain attempted to right his wrong of snubbing David Letterman by appearing on The Late Show. When Letterman asked what the deal was, McCain responded, “I screwed up.”

Letterman asked some tough questions, such as whether Sarah Palin was the candidate’s first choice as a running mate. He said, “Absolutely.”

Letterman then pressed him on her qualifications, to which he said:

“In all due respect, one of the people I admired most was an obscure governor of a southern state called Arkansas and he turned out to be a fairly successful president,” McCain said, complimenting Bill Clinton. “Ronald Reagan was a cowboy, no experience in international affairs. I think she has shown leadership.”

Johnny Walnuts needs to get his head out of his ass because there’s really no comparison between Clinton — a Rhodes Scholar and Yale Law grad who served as his state’s attorney general and governor for several terms, and Palin, who attended several colleges and community colleges, finally earning a bachelor’s degree after five years, served as mayor to tiny town and governor to a state with less than 700,000 residents. Not exactly the same, buck-o.

If you want to see the whole thing, watch the video here.


2 responses to “McCain’s Return

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  2. Great post. I will read your posts frequently. Added you to the RSS reader.

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