Who Is Joe the Plumber?

He’s Ohio plumber, Joe Wurzelbacher. Read more about him and his exchange with Barack Obama here. Hear his response to being the star of last night’s debate here.

Now that you know the story, let’s think of some more “Joes” the McCain/Palin camp can invoke to help further their cause:

They’ve already got Joe the Plumber and Joe Six-Pack. Who’s next? Maybe Joe Camel?

He’d give them much needed coolness, but as you can see, he hurts fetuses. And we know how they feel about that. What about Joe Millionaire?

Surely he’d like McCain’s tax policies, being a millionaire and all. Except, erm, he’s actually not a millionaire, so those tax policies actually wouldn’t help him at all. What about Joe Schmo?

Well, he was dumb enough to believe he was on a reality show when really, his cast mates were actors paid to fool him. I think McCain’s only got room for one dumbass, and she’s already on board. OK, this is going to be harder than I thought. Oh! I’ve got it! How about Joe Cool?

He’s perfect! He appeals to the younger generation with his cool shades and cartoony fun, yet also attracts the older crowd as he’s an American icon. Everyone loves Snoopy, right? Oh, except, Snoopy’s a dog. And you know who he’s related to? Those wolves Sarah Palin shot from a helicopter. Fuck! I was so close!

Who do you think the next “Joe” will be?

*UPDATE* Turns out, Joe the Plumber’s not actually a licensed plumber. And he’s got some tax lien issues. Apparently, he doesn’t like to pay taxes at all.


5 responses to “Who Is Joe the Plumber?

  1. thewitcontinuum

    Joe Cool undoubtedly is an Obama fanatic I would think. Feeling sorry for all the over-generalized Joes out there. (Wink – “You betcha!”)

  2. If you’re purchasing an established business that generates that level of revenue, it’s plainly beyond “average America” that lives on an hourly wage or low-level salary w/o benefits. Spare me the drama GOP!

  3. Joe The Cuckold From The Bible ?

  4. @thewitcontinuum: My boy’s name is Joe and he’s been complaining about the overuse of his name. And, in light of “Joe Sixpack,” I’ve started calling him “Joe BlendedScotch.”

    My (second) favorite Joe? Joe Fox. Now that’s a man who would have been affected by Obama’s tax plan. But not that much.


  5. @notaclevername: That is one of my favorite movies of all time! I watch it every single time it’s on cable.

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