Hot Mess

First things, first: I LOVE Aisha Tyler. Love her. But this outfit is quite possibly one of the worst things I’ve seen in a long time. There’s so much ugly I don’t know where to look.


3 responses to “Hot Mess

  1. With how gorgeous she is and how long her legs are, this outfit is doing a great deal to make her look very stumpy…

  2. Aisha, let’s do this in tiny steps.
    Step 1: stop wearing that dress. The ruffles are reminding me of old-lady “window treatments”. Go for a nice sleek satiny mini instead.
    Step 2: remove spats. Now, I love spats, but they are not doing you any cankley favors here. Tonight is the night to wear those sexy gold platform pumps you bought on sale at Barney’s, mmmmkay? Good.

    See how easy that was? Now go home and change, young lady!

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