The Star Treatment

Star Jones dishes the dirt on her former co-hosts on The View in a story in the November issue of Essence.

Jones, who left the show in a dramatic way in 2006, said: “Those girls were hateful.” She went on to talk about her fractured relationship with Barbara Walters, saying: “Barbara set me up.”

It’s no secret the ladies of The View aren’t (nor ever have been) best friends who sit around and brush each other’s hair. There’s been one scandalous departure after another and it makes you wonder why they can’t all just get along. And with rumors flying and fights occurring, my money’s on Elisabeth Hasselbeck being the next to go. Apparently, Joel McHale agrees:


2 responses to “The Star Treatment

  1. Are the never-ending catfights part of the grand design of The View?! (I’m on a skeptical kick tonight!!)

  2. Whatever limelight you are in is because of the View….You went overboard (everything you did was Star Star Star) and now you can’t handle the price you have to pay..

    You will never have the clout or the class that Barbara Walters has or the personality of Joy, Whoopi or Sherry.

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