I Am Officially Old

Because this is something I just do not understand.


6 responses to “I Am Officially Old

  1. At least one of them has to be gay. And no way are they all waiting till marriage. Bull. Shit.

  2. Eh. No different than Hanson. The only difference is that they have shorter hair. Besides, these things go in cycles musically. We have to put up with bubblegum pop garbage every now and again to satiate the kiddies. Next up, people with lots of dark eye makeup and suicidal tendencies.

  3. I’m waiting to see a mashup of these genres become popular, Marc. Tweenage siblings with martyr complexes and Antichrist Superstar influences!

  4. i understand that they all need a serious cockpunch

  5. Skinny Bone Jones

    I was just going to say that M is always going on about how badly she wants to see them all get cockpunched, but I see she’s on top of it.

    Well done, dearest. Well done.

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