Hot Mess

You may want to poke your head outside to see the pigs flying around because today is a day I never thought would come: The day I’d have my beloved George Clooney as a “Hot Mess” subject. But this mustache has to be called out. It’s hideous and makes my gorgeous George look like some kind of weird Tom Selleck impersonator. I hope this is for a movie role or something, because it’s just WRONG.


5 responses to “Hot Mess

  1. Praise Dolly! It’s for a role. In a movie that sounds weeeeeeird.

  2. @a.clever.otter: Whew! OK, I’ll give him a pass this time. But he better shave that thing as soon as the movie wraps!

  3. Call me nuts, but I think it makes him look like Clark Gable. Hot.

  4. Hmmm, weird movie, bad mustache. I still wouldn’t kick him out of bed though.

  5. Skinny Bone Jones

    Lord have mercy, no.

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