Debate Night in America

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama and Republican candidate John McCain meet again tonight for a town hall-style debate in Nashville. According to CNN:

The candidates will not only take questions from moderator Tom Brokaw of NBC News on Tuesday; they’ll also answer questions from the audience and from Internet participants.

The audience will be made up of uncommitted voters.

“These debates, town hall debates, are often very telling. They often provide the most dramatic moments in a campaign,” said Bill Schneider, CNN’s senior political analyst.

Most media outlets are predicting this will be an aggressive debate, especially in light of the recent attacks coming out of the McCain camp. My pals over at Buttercup Punch will be live blogging the whole thing again, so head on over and get ready to take plenty of shots — you know he’ll say “maverick” at least 50 times.

3 responses to “Debate Night in America

  1. I fear if we include the m word in the bingo tonight that 70% of us will not make it to work tomorrow.

    Fuck it – be maverick!!

  2. Well my friends, it was a complete and total snoozefest!

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