OK, Fine, I Like Sarah Silverman

Dammit, I didn’t want to have to do this. So, for a long time, I’ve hated Sarah Silverman. I didn’t think she was funny, I didn’t like her show and I really just thought she was completely overrated and kind of talentless. But then she made the “I’m Fucking Matt Damon” video, and my resolve began to crumble. Just slightly though. Now she’s gone and made this video for The Great Schlep, and you know what? It’s really funny. And it has a good message. I still don’t like her show (even though it has Brian Posehn, whom I adore) but I think I’m having a change of heart about ol’ Sarah.


7 responses to “OK, Fine, I Like Sarah Silverman

  1. Do you know what sold me on her was her “Poo song.” A timeless commentary on poo.

  2. She’s hit or miss for me. I appreciate that she’s a foul-mouthed lady comic in a world where they’re mostly male, but some of her gross-out humor does not appeal to me at all. I think she has talent, but I don’t always like what she does with it.

    I still think Margaret Cho’s “I’m The One That I Want” proves she’s one of the funniest ladies ever.

  3. @chadhend: You know, I don’t think I’ve ever heard the “Poo Song.” But I do enjoy a good poo joke. I’m looking it up.

    @lalaland13: Dude, I worship Margaret Cho! She is the freakin’ best!

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  5. Is that whole thing between her Matt and Jimmy for real or just a joke? I was thinking it was a joke because he would always close with “sorry Matt were out of time.” I though Sarah Silverman was funny, but at other people’s expense is not cool with me. Did you see what she said about Pairs Hilton and Britney? That wasn’t right.

  6. Ops I ment… Paris

  7. @Rachel: I’m pretty sure it was a joke. But yeah, what she said about Britney that time was a little out of line. Her humor is certainly hit or miss.

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