The Vice Presidential Debate: A Rematch?

If you’re like me, last night’s debate had you yearning for more. More Tina Fey, that is. And we just might get our wish!

Entertainment Weekly‘s reporting that SNL has tapped Queen Latifah to play Gwen Ifill in a debate skit. According to the article, a well-placed source confirms that SNL has secured Latifah’s services for Saturday’s show. The insider cautions, however, that the debate sketch isn’t 100 percent locked — and a final decision might not come down until Saturday. There’s also no official word as to whether Tina Fey would be back as Palin, but how freaking awesome would it be? You betcha!


4 responses to “The Vice Presidential Debate: A Rematch?

  1. Amazing! My co-worker and I were just saying how we couldn’t wait for SNL to see if they did the, “I agree with Biden, now let’s talk about ENERGY” and the constant winking.

  2. I thought Fey did agree to go w/the gig through the election?! This is a priceless, once-in-a-career opportunity.

  3. I love Fey, but I wonder if she’s getting worn out but thinks this is too good not to do. I think this could get old if she isn’t careful (not her could get old, but the Palin mocking by SNL-Fey never gets old). But if anything, I hope this makes people realize how insanely talented she is and watch30 Rock damnit because it should not have to die while shows like My Mother Needs a Boob Job live.

  4. amazonredheadedubervixen

    All hail the Queen. I hope this happens, but still think it’s rather sad that SNL doesn’t have a black woman on the cast, and therefore has to look outside the cast for someone to play Ifill.

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