She’s No Angel

According to the rumor mill, The Hills’ Lauren Conrad and Audrina Patridge have fallen out because Lauren hooked up with Audrina’s boyfriend, Justin Bobby, behind her back. If it’s true, this is beyond ironic considering the current storyline on the show is LC’s disappointment that pal Stephanie Pratt dated her former fling, Doug, behind her back. Not to mention the whole Jen Bunney/Brody Jenner fiasco of two seasons ago. But like I said, it’s still just a rumor. Although, we all know sometimes, rumors turn out to be true.


3 responses to “She’s No Angel

  1. angiesyounglover

    justin bobbay? how did she hook up with justin bobbay? it’s justin bobby’s new haircut isn’t it? i could say justin bobbay all day.

    justin bobbayyyy

  2. Maybe Justin wanted someone whose optic nerve setup allowed her to look him in the eye during the act?

  3. angiesyounglover

    @MBB: AHA. it’s not a lot to ask.

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