Asshole of the Week: Update

Former (and current, I think he gets a lifetime title for this) Asshole of the Week Joseph Petcka’s trial has ended with Manhattan jurors deadlocked 11-1. Today, CNN reports NYC prosecutors are considering a retrial.

This is good news because this jerk doesn’t deserve to get off that easily. I mean, this jackass actually had the nerve to say he was defending himself after the 8-pound orange and white tabby bit his right hand and drew blood. He said Norman (who was declawed) lunged at him with his paws outstretched and “his teeth were bared.”

You’ve got to be fucking kidding me. What’s even more unbelievable is that some moron on that jury actually bought this asshole’s story. Let’s hope the next jury is a bit more savvy.


11 responses to “Asshole of the Week: Update

  1. It was one guy? One effin guy? Sigh. I hate everything today. Sometimes I wish there could be a “get out of deadlock free” card the jury could pull once in a blue moon and go on and convict a guy anyway if there’s just one guy against it. But no, that’s not how it’s supposed to work, is it? Blurgh.

    Every time I see poor Norman’s pic, I want to cry. And I am mad as hell that I happen to live in one of a few states where animal cruelty can only be a misdemeanor, no matter how much shit you do.

  2. I think asshole of eternity is a pretty apt description.

  3. @lalaland13: I know, I see his little fluffy face and I just want to die. I’ll go home and hug Bojangles extra hard again today (as I do every time I think about this case) and he’ll get all pissed because he doesn’t understand.

    @TheDomina: Word.

  4. Please tell me this worthless excuse for a human will be held in the General Population at Rikers pending his retrial…that would make The Devil smile! Bastard.

  5. I will avenge Norman. I might not have claws, either, but I have a large cordless drill, some duct tape, and a bungee cord.

    Dear god, what a fucker. Asshole of Eternity, indeed. I hope a cat claws off his face in his sleep.

  6. amazonredheadedubervixen

    Like Marsellus Wallace, I’ve got a pair of pliers and a blowtorch, and I’m gonna get medieval on Joseph’s sorry ass.

  7. I can’t believe that stupid yankee juror falling for that crap about Norman attacking that piece of shit Petchka, or whatever his name is. I know one thing. If that had happened in my home state of Louisiana, we wouldn’t even waste time with a trial. Just bring the lowlife piece of shit out to the swamps and feed him to the gators. After seeing what a raw deal that poor little guy Norman got, I’m feeling better and better about vigillantism. And another thing, I’m trying to type and my little pal Booker, he’s an orange tabby by the way, is trying to play with the keys on the keyboard. After reading about what Norman went through I don’t even have the nerve to shoo Booker off the desk here. I only wish Norman had had a chance to live a long, happy life without that turd Petchka murdering him.

  8. @RobertWayne: Right on! It’s what my friend BAngieB calls “Country Justice.” And this guy definitely needs some.

    And, yay orange tabbies! My boy Bojangles is one too. 🙂

  9. shame, poor Joseph… Attacked by a huge, declawed feline… boo fucking hoo…. Hope JP rotts!!!

  10. What a fucking piece of shit. How much of a pussy does this low life scum have to be to beat to death a declawed, 7lb cat?!?!?! Fucking scum. He beats on females and animals, fucking signs of someone who is truly demented. It makes me so angry, when I see this douche bags face, I just want to take a cheese grater to mouth after I curb stomp his ass. LOSER. I’d like to cut his fucking testicles off and feed them to a bunch of hungry kitties while he watches. This mother fucker needs to be brought to justice. I’d love for him to run into a bunch of nutty rabid PETA activists in a dark alley. If I could get away with hurting him, I would not bat an eyelash, I would do all of the things he did to that poor cat. Rest in peace Norman.

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