Thursday Play-by-Play

ZOMG, did you guys watch The Office last night?

Jim and Pam got engaged! It’s about freaking time! And what a great way to do it too. Also, Angela’s cheating on poor Andy big time, the Dunder Mifflin crew tried to lose weight, and Ryan’s back. Earl’s two episodes were pretty good too, and Ugly Betty had LiLo! So awesome!

So, what were your favorite moments of last night’s shows?


4 responses to “Thursday Play-by-Play

  1. I downloaded the episode where that screenshot is from on iTunes, and watched that particular scene about 80 times.

    The proposal really did take me by surprise. So good job, Jim. I liked this idea better than the farewell party one.

    I loved Creed: “That wasn’t a tapeworm.” I didn’t get why Ryan wasn’t in jail, though. Is community service common for what he was doing?

  2. I LOVED The Office…I was watching it only half paying attention so I totally didn’t see the engagement coming, I thought she was going to cheat on him with that student….

  3. i liked when ryan was talking about giving back to the community, and jim was all “you’re talking about your court order, right?” and ryan said, “i don’t need a court order to tell me to give back to my community.” ahh i hate ryan.

  4. FINALLY watched it. And totally loved. Not to detract from the tear jerking proposal moment, but how funny was it that they took on the topic of nutty weightloss plans?

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