Must-See TV

Back at my old job, my work buddies and I would gather every Friday morning to discuss the highlights of our favorite Thursday shows. While we still sometimes do that via email, I miss our water cooler chats, so I’m going to start holding them here on my blog. Tonight, three of those oft discussed shows, My Name is Earl, The Office and Ugly Betty return with new episodes.

After the mess that was last season (that writer’s strike was tough!), I’m hoping this season will give us a full schedule of shows, without any extended breaks. I’m also hoping that some of the shows that were stumbling a bit (Earl and sometimes, The Office) get back their original, solidly hilarious footing. Here’s a breakdown of how tonight’s three ended, and what we can expect:

After a jail stint, a marriage gone wrong, a return to crime and an intervention, Earl’s back to crossing things off his list. Tonight’s premier guest stars Seth Green. Watch a preview here.

On The Office, Jim was finally ready to propose to Pam, until Andy stole his moment, proposing to Angela. Angela said yes, only to get caught by Jim and Pam in a very delicate situation with Dwight. Michael ran into Jan, and discovered not only is she pregnant, but pregnant by the guy she cheated on him with. Toby left, and Ryan got arrested. Tonight’s episode finds everyone worrying about their weight in light of a corporate weight loss initiative. Let’s hope some season finale questions get answered as well. Watch previews here.

Last season on Ugly Betty, Betty had to choose between Henry and Gio. Wihelmina was planning to take over Mead Publications with her shady baby, conceived with the sperm of her dead husband, Bradford Mead, and implanted in poor seamstress Christina. Tonight, Betty makes a big decision about her life (Henry or Gio, perhaps?) and Regis Philbin, Kelly Ripa and Lindsay Lohan(!) guest star. See previews here.

Then tomorrow, we discuss!

4 responses to “Must-See TV

  1. I can NOT wait to see the Office tonight. Oh it was Phillyis who walked in on Angela and Dwight.
    I heart John K so.very.much.

  2. @spicytamale: Oh yeah, that’s right! I forgot it was Phyllis.

  3. I’ll probably be watching The Office, not sure about everything else. I hate that 30 Rock won’t be back for another month.

    I was kind of glad Jim and Pam didn’t get exchanged that way, because it seemed too easy and conventional. I want it to be quirky like the two of them. I’ve heard some possible teasers on, so we shall see.

    Yes, I will be there, assuming I can stay awake. So tired.

  4. The Office, Earl, whatever.

    My pretty, pretty girl will be on Ugly Betty. My excitement knows no bounds.

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