Flo Fever

So, I know you guys have seen her. She’s Flo in the Progressive Insurance commercials, and while she’s not classically beautiful or whatever, there’s something incredibly engaging about her. I can’t put my finger on why, but I just love her. So, I decided to find out who she is.

Progressive Flo is actually actress Stephanie Courtney. Isn’t she just adorable? According to IMDB, Courtney hails from New York and was born in 1970. She’s a company member of the renowned Groundlings Theater in Los Angeles, performing regularly in sketch and improv comedy shows. She’s appeared in several movies and TV shows, including Blades of Glory and Mad Men.

*UPDATE!* Want more Progressive Flo? Check this out!


84 responses to “Flo Fever

  1. I’ve seen the commercials, too, and thought she was kind of adorable. She definitely has a NYC personality about her, so that’s not too surprising there. For some reason, I love how she says, “A big tricked-out name tag.” The commercials aren’t great, but she has great timing.

    But Progressive sucks, because when I looked at insurance rates-full coverage-for me if I get a new used car, they were terrible. I was like, “Where is the discount for poor journalists, damnit?”

  2. she’s adorable!

  3. Progressive does suck for everything but motorcycle insurance. I pay like $300 per year for three motorcycles through them.

    And yes, that girl is super-cute.

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  5. I think she is Hot. She has those sexy eyes and lips that drive me crazy.

  6. Thanks for doing the research. I think she’s cute too. Sort of borderline Goth. Anyone else see that?

  7. She reminds me of ” That Girl” from the 60’s T.V. show but with a freaky hybrid of ‘Daisy Duck’ meets “The Adam’s Family” (for a make over).

  8. @Raci570: I can see that. I think it’s the heavy makeup.

    @James6584: Her hair and makeup do give her a “That Girl” look. I just think she’s so cute.

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  10. I would shoot everyone in America to get in Flo’s britches. I would wear her tricked-out nametag with pride to my parent’s house.

  11. she is one of my favorites!

  12. Who is the girl who is shopping for better rates when Flo talks about her tricked out nametag? She is hot.

  13. She’s cute w/o the make up, but that bright red lipstick and big eye lashes, they’d look bad on someone else, but not her. I would like ot get signed glossy photos of her to frame. I would propose to her immediately if I saw her and insist she dress/ do make up as FLo our whole marriage.

  14. Greg,

    I think Stephanie Courtney is playing both roles in the “tricked-out nametag” episode of these commercials – anyone else think so?


  15. I think Flo needs her her own show.

  16. @Tom: I agree!

    Wow, I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who thinks she’s adorable! I think we have the makings of a fan club here. 😉

  17. A cursory look at the comments on this page reveal quite a bit on why our society is completely in the toilet. We’re compelled by law to do business with private companies– like Progressive–who furiously and feverishly rip us off at every turn, and we allow ourselves to be distracted by a giggling sycophant. Flo from Progressive is a commie.

  18. @Johnson’s Free: Hey, I don’t actually buy their insurance, I just think she’s cute.

  19. I know the other girl from the “tricked out nametag” commercial is an actress, my wife and I have been trying to figure out exactly who she is, and what we have seen her in. someone will recoganize her and I sure will be glad when they do!!!….yes, Stephanie (Flo) is a cutie, I think she looks better without all the Flo makeup.

  20. @Mike: My boyfriend and I have been trying to figure that out too. He thinks he recognizes her from ’80s movies or something (he’s an ’80s movies fanatic), but I swear I’ve seen her in something more recent. I’ll research it and see what I can come up with.

  21. I’ve seen where other folks think the insurance shopper in the ‘nametag’ episode of this series is one of a set of triplet sister-actresses who played someone named ‘Tory’ on ‘Saved by the Bell’ – I don’t know about that – I still think Stephanie Courtney is playing both roles in that episode.

    Anyone else see it?

  22. OK guys, the other woman in the commercial is Monica Creel:

    She is one of the triplet actresses who played Tori on “Saved by the Bell.”

    Mystery solved!

  23. she is HOT!

  24. Flo is awesome! There’s something just naturally attractive yet hilarious about her. She’s cut out of the same mold as Kristin Wiig. I hope Lorne Michaels is watching.

  25. I’m glad sum uv the other dudes out there think she’s hot as well. Startin to think I was crazy about bein crazy about her. I wonder if she knows how popular she is among guys? Someone should tell her.

  26. YES!!!!! Shes wonderful, kinda like that “dude you’re gettin a Dell” guy Steve, from several years ago. Whenever she comes on, she gives a lift to my day, and, love the makeup! Yes, she should have her own show, she is a natural comedic talent. Will be looking for her!!!!

  27. blackisnotacolor

    I guess I’m not the only one with a Flo Fetish (though in my head, it’s just me). She’s cute without the make-up too, but flo is just freaky sexy. Love her. Yes.

  28. blackisnotacolor

    I guess I’m not the only one with a Flo Fetish (though in my head, it’s just me). She’s cute without the make-up too, but Flo is just plain freaky sexy. Love her. Yes.

  29. I don’t agree I am utterly sick of “Flo” and her raspy deep voice, what do you see in her, they play the commerials way to much and now see drives me nuts! NUTS!!!

  30. I think Flo’s appeal is that she’s both wholesome and approchable.

  31. To quote Arrested Development:

  32. Yeah,
    I think she is super attractive, makeup or not. There’s just something about her that moves me

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  34. Yes, yes, yes. Immediately appealing and it’s weird that *so* many folks mention that line about the name tag. Her timing is impeccable and her delivery is up there with L Ball, D French and others. Happy to find out it wasn’t just me getting a great boost of general good vibes from that 2 seconds of media…..

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  36. Unlike the ever more irritating “cave man” , I find Flo refreshing and cute and will
    never find her nerve-racking, nor as quick as I
    can, hit the button to get rid of her. Though I will
    never change insurance co. I will never change the
    channel on Cortney.

  37. Forget Courtney! Who is the other girl in the Progressive Commercial?

  38. Yeah! Also glad to hear I wasn’t the only one who thinks she is hot! For me, I think it’s her retro look. Very sexy!

  39. I think shes just ugly but u guys like the way she looks and couse she’s a smart ass! my boyfriend got a think for her too its all good , yah need a life. why am i on this sight not becouse i care becouse he wanted me to,baby u need a job u know you losing ur mind if u have a thing for Flow.

  40. I think shes just ugly but u guys like the way she looks and couse she’s a smart ass! my boyfriend got a think for her too its all good , yah need a life. why am i on this sight not becouse i care becouse he wanted me to,baby u need a job u know you losing ur mind if u have a thing for Flow.

  41. im getting my girl sick and tired of flow im #1 fan

  42. i love her #1 fan

  43. i dont think shes pretty but my boyfriend think she is ,i dont care for her my man wanted me to write a comment i just think you guys need a life and my man his board

  44. How about a sitcom with Progressive Flo married to The ShamWow guy? I’m sure it would beat most of the ones on TV these days!

  45. Flo seems like a very sweet, innocent cashier. She’s the kinda girl that your mother would love to see you marry. Well…it’s not true. Progressive Flo belongs on her back with her legs spread eagle, dripping stink juice from her (stretched-out) twat on the mattress. The sort of girl that likes to be pounded by 3 buff black guys at once. Flo uses an English Cucumber as a tampon….simply because it’s the only thing that fits tight up there. Speaking of “up there”…She has a gash so large up there, it looks like somebody took an ax to it. You might think that twat juice would taste sweet…but you couldn’t be more wrong my friend. That twat juice actually tastes like the bottom scrapings from your septic tank. Just a little friendly reminder next time you watch a Progressive commercial, and think about jerking the old beef steak to her. For that…I would recommend the local weather girl.

  46. @Tektite420: Wow. That was very, um, disturbing and offensive. Try to keep the disgusting porno language to a minimum, mkay?

  47. i have no idea what you guys are talking about? she is not cute at all. end of story. she is actually pretty ugly…

  48. Wow. The character Flo is cute and sexy combined. Steph I love Flo. I hope to see you on more TV and Movies and don’t break character even if it annoys anyone else; Flo is cute and sexy and charming combined! Steph great job 🙂
    Your fan,
    Matthew Crowner

  49. Stephanie/Flo is hot! She looks much better without the heavy makeup, but I would like to have her dress up like Flo for some hot, kinky fun 😉 Check out her stand-up comedy video floating around on the web. I couldn’t help but notice what large beautiful breasts she has. Man, they look perfect, delicious. She’s really funny and very attractive. I hope these commercials serve as a launching pad for a great career for her, she’s a winner!

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  51. Me and my dad absolutely love flo she is so funny.

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  53. I love Flo! I love when she tells Santa ‘I like Cashmere sox!’

    I do see the borderline Goth thing going on, now that it was mentioned.

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  55. she is a dumb emo girl

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  57. Great blog posts about Flo. A couple of guys talk about what it would be like to date her: Pretty funny stuff. http://youcanneverbehappy.wordpress.com/category/fictional-date-of-the-week/

  58. I won’t pass judgement on the actress but the character is just hideous. It’s a great example of how a fair-to-good looking woman can be made 100% devoid of any sex appeal with the wrong makeup and behavior. You people who think she’s hot have been staring at your dogs too long.

  59. “FLO” is the MOST happenin.
    If I might be so bold as to suggest the public
    ‘cue up’
    so that the cornholing may commence…?

  60. I actually hit reverse on my DVR and watch her again. I can’t think of ANY other commercial that I can say that about. Love the latest “Happens to me all the time” with that cute head shake. Flo has it going on!!!

  61. I’ve seen Steph as a Groundling [on Melrose in LA] several times. She is still a member of the main company and you can catch her there from time to time – check their website. She is a very talented improvisational comedian, can sing and do stand up. She’s very pretty in person, but very thin. I’d buy her a sandwich if I met her.

  62. Stephanie (Flo): I think she is just right for what she brings to the tv viewers. After all a girl has to work, and she is working it. Good job.

  63. Hey….When will Stephanie be on a late night talk show like Letterman, Leno or Conan? I’d love to see what her real personality is like. There is something sexually appealing about her. I know a lot of other guys feel the same way. I’d settle for just a platonic date (dinner and a movie) just to see what she’s like in real life. I’m not greedy and not a stalker. I hope she’s not a target. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

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  65. OMG! THAT ACTRESS IS A FREAK AND PROBABLY THE UGLIEST THING THAT I HAVE EVER SEEN. YOU CAN ADD TO THAT, THE HORRIBLE OVERACTING AND STUPIDITY OF THE COMMERCIAL. She carries a hereditary disposition toward mental illness and retardation. She reminds me of pungent fatty acids that contribute to rancid human body odor

  66. Flo reminds me of a chick who was into me. I did not return the sentiment. Long story short this chick hops into bed with me and we fool around a bit, but I dont try to have sex with her, she obviously wanted to have sex with me. She asks me if I’m gay……. wow. I have never felt so emasculated in my life. So, now thanks to pop culture icon Flo, everytime I see the commercials, I have to relive this moment.

  67. wolfman jackboots

    flo looks like a bucket of smashed assholes. some of you people need to get out more.


  69. This woman is an annoying over-bubbly piece of shit. She is also a total bullshitter and a sellout. I don’t know what you are all thinking saying that she is even remotely attractive, she is an ugly, ugly bitch. That girls face could make my boner go away in mere moments.

    She also has whored out her ugly ass mug to the progressive company making dimwitted commercials that are supposed to be “cute”.

    May she go down in a flaming hellstorm like the credit report guys

  70. The only people who think that this pig is good looking are gay men and straight women, neither of which have any credibility to judge sex appeal of women. I have many gay friends and the women that they think are sexy are both freakish and strange and totally off-the-mark. But, what would they know? Barbara Streisand, Cindy Lauper, Liza Minelli,, …please. They couldn’t get it up with them if they tried. They really have no idea. It’s the same with music. They are clueless.

  71. i think she’s cute and funny… but there are a few TUH-WISTED people on this site….ahem: * borkingwood, wolfman jackboots(funny comment, though), james(totally suffering from some sort of breakdown, i’m praying for you)…and kektite(i have no idea what happened, there….) joe morgan(raspy? ear check could probably help you)….to name a few.

  72. Listen, anyone who considers “Flo” cute and funny needs lots of help. If you consider the commericals funny, you really need help. I’m guessing these people are fans of Faux News and Glenn Beck.

  73. i wanna see her tits

  74. I just want to bang the living guts out of her, esp when wearing those nice white clothes she wears in the commercials and that make-up, and her squeaky, yet very sexy voice. A true fetish chick !

  75. Yes, she is adorable. I agree she is cut out of the same mold as Kristin Wiig. I would like to see her in a weekly playing the character and working for the California DMV or maybe a doctors office!!

  76. i’ve always had an extra heart beat for a woman like Flo. My wife still likes me tho.

  77. CAN’T STAND HER! The mosT annoying commercials I’ve ever seen. Wish I could block the commercials before they come on, the 5 seconds I have to listen to her before I can get her muted is torture enough…..

  78. Los Angeles! come on down to the Groundlings Theatre Wednesday 8pm and watch Stephanie Courtney (aka FLO) perform in a long-form improv! get your tickets in advanced and get a discount. Stephanie fans get 35% off! use coupon code “stephfan” follow this link. https://www.vendini.com/ticket-software.html?t=tix&e=33e5c5f5b541360015723a7bc9830231&rmid=1d65aa8143964697958181a065947020

  79. The commercials are fantastic, I never get tired of seeing them. That said, I am not remotely considering Progressive. I have been with Erie for 36 years and absolutely adore them, they’ve really been there for me.

  80. Great blog post, I’ve been after that 😀

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