Just Say NO



7 responses to “Just Say NO

  1. I said no. On the good news front-three recent polls have shown Obama leading in Virginia from, I think, two to six points. And fivethirtyeight.com shows a rosy outlook for him. Hold on, Obama. Hold on. You may have lost Ohio, but hold on.

    God, I’m so nervous. I really am petrified. I think I’m the polar opposite of a low-information voter: the too-much-information voter.

  2. He has not lost Ohio! I have registered to vote here, and I am damn Dem determined to turn Ohio blue by force of will. Don’t stop…. believin’…..

  3. @nadarine: That’s my plan for NC. We can do it!!

  4. DottyZ, the rural areas of NC are still questionable for Obama…and this worries me. I shall be forced to move to Lichtenstein if MrCrankyPants and the bimbo Prom Queen head to DC!!!

  5. i’m going to be volunteering here in GA.
    Oh Hold on Obama! You’re almost there!

  6. @AGreenEyeDevil: Yep. But he seems to be doing well in the cities, and hopefully, the large city populations will outweigh the smaller rural populations. I’m praying hard!

    @spicytamale: Good girl!

  7. I live in the highest white evangelical percentage population state, if that makes sense. So yeah, we’re all McCain. I have this distant dream of one day living in something resembling a swing state.

    Spicy, I can’t donate or volunteer. I’m afraid it wouldn’t look good with my occupation.

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