The Wii Diaries, Vol. 3: Wii Fit

So, as you may know, we got a Nintendo Wii at my house this summer. Sure, I wore myself out at first, and experienced a little of that Nintendo Magic, but overall, it’s been a load of fun. And we just amped the fun up a notch with the purchase of a Wii Fit.

I’m not going to lie to you: I’ve put on a few pounds in the past year. So, this purchase was especially exciting for me as I’m in the midst of trying to get back in shape. For the uninitiated, you begin by going through a body test that gauges your weight, BMI and balance. No surprises there, my weight and BMI, while normal, aren’t where I’d like them to be.

But it was the balance thing that really threw me off, well, balance. According to the Wii, I am one of the most unbalanced people in the world. And you know, it makes sense as I am also one of the clumsiest people in the world. As I attempted to play the assortment of balance games on the system, I was appalled at not only my lack of balance, but also my lack of body/eye coordination. It was sad, y’all!

But, I’m happy to report that thanks to repeated tries on the balance games, my balance and coordination are both significantly improving. And my abs are getting a little tighter from all the hula-hooping. Thanks, Wii Fit!

4 responses to “The Wii Diaries, Vol. 3: Wii Fit

  1. I challenge you to a hula hoop off!

  2. It is a great tool but it doesn’t give a real sweaty workout. If you are looking for cardio jump on the treadmill or run outside. But if you are looking for some core excercise or yoga, the Wii Fit will be a great workout and have fun doing it.

  3. I want one of these things. They might actually inspire me to exercise. They are expensive, though, right?

    And I hate BMIs with the fire of a thousand suns, because they always tell me I’m morbidly obese or something. No. I’m not. Even I know that. Pudgy, yes. Morbidly obese and in danger of falling dead from a heart attack rightthisminute? No.

  4. @Chad: That’s true. I usually pair my Wii workout with a brisk walk (I hate to run!). But, the running feature on there is good if you can’t get to a treadmill or outside. Once you unlock the free run, you get a good little 10-minute run (in place) with that.

    @lalaland13: Well, you have to have the Wii, which ranges from $200-$300. The fit system is less than $100 though (we got ours for $79.99 at Sam’s Club). And yes, BMIs are not a great indicator of obesity. I usually just ignore that part and focus on the weight and balance measurements.

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