Donald Trump, STFU

Apparently, the Donald’s endorsed John McCain. It all went down on CNN’s Larry King Live:

Trump: Well, I know John McCain, and John McCain’s a great guy, a tremendous guy. I’ve known him for a long time. And I’m with him, and I’m with him based on the fact that I have great knowledge of John McCain. Also, this is not the right time for tax increases and Obama wants to increase your taxes drastically. So this is not …

King: In all fairness, he says he doesn’t.

Trump: This is not the right time.

King: Obama said 95 percent would be reduced under his plan.

Trump: Well, I’ll tell you, the people that create the jobs and the people that really create a lot of things in the country, they’re going to be taxed into oblivion. And I’m not even sure when you look really at his tax, I think everybody’s going to be taxed a lot more. So I like the fact that taxes won’t be raised under McCain.

King: Have you formally endorsed the ticket?

Trump: No, but I’m endorsing McCain. I am basically very strongly — you have to understand, I’ve known him, I like him, I respect him.

King: So you’re endorsing him?

Trump: He’s a smart guy and I think he’s going to be a great president.

King: So you’re endorsing him?

Trump: Sure, I’ll endorse him on your show, why not?

So basically, you like McCain because he won’t tax you and all the other filthy rich assholes in this country, right? Let the regular man continue to crumble under an unfair tax burden! What a douche.


5 responses to “Donald Trump, STFU

  1. Good grief this man annoys me. Can’t Melina ship him off to the geriatric wing of the mansion…soon.

  2. can’t he spend some of that untaxed earnings on a fucking suit that fits him properly?

    i have an idea to get rich people to pay taxes. don’t call it a tax. Call it a very exclusive, VIP, elite club annual membership fee.

  3. @M: That is brilliant! And you know they’d all pay it too, especially this one here.

  4. The Donald is just worried b/c he is IN the 5% that would be taxed under Obama’s plan….rich greedy elitist.

  5. Loser with a big mouth and an ugly face. Were this high school, he would never get a prom date.

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