Denise Richards: It’s Continuing

Just when you thought it was safe to turn your TV back on, US Weekly’s reporting that Denise Richards’ horrible E! reality series, Denise Richards: It’s Complicated, has been picked up for another season. The only positive I can think of is at least that means we get to watch Joel McHale trash it on The Soup:


6 responses to “Denise Richards: It’s Continuing

  1. Denise Richards: No One Gives a Shit

  2. Who needs to watch the show with Joel to summarize every week: Denise does something random, her father disapproves, something about her kids, lots of swearing and hair tossing, the end.

  3. @bebehblog: True. But, I like to watch Joel every chance I get cause I have such a crush!

  4. but she’s so pretty… honestly, I’ve never watched it. But she’s so pretty…

  5. but she’s so pretty…

  6. Great…so now I can watch more of DR so I can make myself feel better for not having such a crappy life. LOL!

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