Asshole of the Week

This is Joseph Petcka. He’s a minor-league baseball player, sometime actor and cat killer. He beat his girlfriend’s cat Norman to death because he thought she loved the cat more than him.

That’s poor little Norman. According to CNN:

Assistant District Attorney Leila Kermani said the cat named Norman died with broken teeth, broken ribs, a broken leg, a torn tongue, massive internal injuries including bruised lungs and a bruised liver and a chest cavity filled with blood.

What a sorry sack of shit this guy is, killing a defenseless little animal. There’s a special place in hell for him, hopefully filling the role of Satan’s cat’s toy.


18 responses to “Asshole of the Week

  1. What an uplifting story! Asshole.

  2. What a horrible man. Who kills a cat?

  3. The question is: Did she break up with him?

    This one time, my neighbor yelled at my dogs for barking at him. He didn’t see that I was outside. THEN, he saw me and looked a little scared. I said “That’s right, do NOT fucking yell at my dogs.”

  4. I hope in hell he is devoured daily by Satan’s cats.

  5. i feel like there’s a “catty” joke to be made here, but i’m too disgusted to even try.

    @bangieb: yeah, fuckin tell him!!

  6. @BAngieB: I think this guy should be added to the list. You’re moving up there, so you could fuck him up in person!

  7. Animal abusers need to be in the general population at Rikers…then they can have good taste of what they dished out.

  8. every once in a while (or all the fucking time – take your pick) a fuck-shit like Petcka comes along and we are reminded of several important schools of thought:
    1 – God believes it is ok to hurt (if not kill) those who hurt our pets.
    2 – “Accidents” come to those who oppose the happiness of our pets (a.k.a. Owner Imposed Pet Karma.)
    3 – Ridding the world of pathetic human garbage isn’t illegal if the pathetic human garbage harms your pet.

    woot! woot!

  9. What a loser.

  10. José Dré:

    Yes to all that. I’m generally more willing to run over a person that a dog or cat. Woe be unto anyone who hurts one of my babies.

  11. Why yes BAngB and Jose’ Dre’, I too would jump to the defense of an animal over a person any day of the week. God have mercy on the soul of anyone that even contemplates hurting my precious fur baby, because there will be NO mercy on my part. Damn the consequences.

  12. I’m sorry, but I can’t read the description of what happened to him again. It’s too awful. I nearly cried after reading it on Jezebel.

    My orange cat Casey is safe on the couch, chilling on a pillow. He just yawned. And Lola is somewhere around here, perhaps under the bed.

    Must focus on that. Stupid shithead animal abusers. I’m like Bangie-I’d rather injure a person than an animal. Not that I’m planning to do either, but you know.

  13. @lalaland13: I know. Every time I see Bojangles, I think about it and I hug him a little harder. Of course, that just irritates him because he has no idea why, but I can’t help it.

  14. I hope this sorry excuse of a human being knows the true impact of his actions. Not only did poor Norman suffer, but many people in this country are suffering now at his hideous crimes. He physically makes me sick. I have cried everyday since hearing about this. He’s caused more anquish than he could ever know. I just hope this jury convicts. He’s scum of the earth. I love Norman and I hope in some way he knows how many people care about what happened to him.

  15. @Ann: I feel exactly the same. Every time I see my beloved cat, I think of that poor kitty and what that jerk did to him. It just breaks my heart.

  16. Hello everyone. Well as you know by now, it was a hung jury and my assumption is there was one idiot juror who has no compassion for animals and couldn’t send the jerk to jail where he belongs. Another blogger has kindly given the phone number to the DA, Mrs. Kermani. I urge everyone to call, thank her and request another trial. 212-335-9000

  17. @Ann: OMG,I cannot believe that! That is such an injustice. This ass should be behind bars.

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