Women’s Rights, NOW

In response to John McCain’s choice of Sarah Palin as his running mate, the National Organization for Women has endorsed Barack Obama for president. The group, which ordinarily does not endorse presidential candidates said:

“NOW is going to be endorsing the Obama-Biden ticket,” NOW head Kim Gandy told National Public Radio (NPR), referring to Obama and his running mate Joseph Biden.

The 500,000-strong women’s movement, which “very, very rarely endorses in a general election”, broke with its tradition of neutrality after “the addition of Sarah Palin gave us a new sense of urgency,” said Gandy.

“She is being portrayed as a supporter of women’s rights … as a feminist when in fact her positions on so many of the issues are really anathema to ours,” Gandy said.

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9 responses to “Women’s Rights, NOW

  1. Oh no! The March of the Baby Killers has begun.

  2. Jonolan, it’s the March of the Lesbian Babykillers. Please get it right.

    Good for NOW, but I’m afraid this won’t make much difference. But the thought of McCain as president scares my uterus.

  3. I chose not to conflate the lesbians with NOW. From what I’ve seen – limited exposure admittedly – the dykes haven’t infiltrated the upper echelons of NOW too badly.

    Now that is really funny actually – pro-infanticide – oops, I mean “choice” – lesbians. LOL

  4. @jonolan: Lemme guess, you’re not a woman? Because unless you’re capable of being raped and impregnated (cause those women should be forced by the government to carry and give birth to those babies, right? That’s what good ol’ Sarah and John think.) you really don’t have a pony in this race.

  5. @jonolan: i don’t know what you’re getting at, but please don’t refer to “lesbians” or “dykes” as being one part of this NOW group. it’s not about sexual preference, it’s about being a woman and having choices. mixing in sexual preference, choosing not to conflate…you’re really just missing the point, it has nothing to do with what NOW is.

  6. Jonolan…Seek.life.else.where. Your ignorance is a drain.

  7. Actually is was lalaland13 who – I assume sarcastically – described NOW as lesbians. I pointed out that I saw no reason to think of them as being a core part of NOW.

  8. @jonolan: That was pretty obviously a sarcastic joke, not an opening for you to start throwing the word “dyke” around.

  9. Lalaland was obviously being sarcastic. And Yay for NOW endorsing Obama…I’m glad they weren’t taken in by the only woman on the ticket.

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