Saturday Night Loss

The L.A. Times is reporting SNL’s Amy Poehler (who rocked it this past weekend with Tina Fey) will be leaving the show permanently after the election in November. Poehler, who is expecting a child with husband Will Arnett this fall, will have her own NBC show created by the executive producers of The Office.


5 responses to “Saturday Night Loss

  1. This is sad news, but I saw it coming. I don’t think anyone would want to work the SNL schedule with a baby- didn’t Tina Fey leave right around the time her daughter was born?

    A sitcom will give her steady hours, which will be great. It will also probably pay a lot better, if it gets picked up and takes off.

    She is the heart of SNL- they are struggling enough as it is, but they are going to be hurting without her.

    I wonder if she would have stayed if Hillary had gotten the nomination/Presidency?

  2. dammit! i loved her almost equal to how much i loved cheri oteri.

  3. I’d been hearing this for a while now, but still sad to hear it confirmed. She is great on there, and now they need to get some new women folk. There are already too few.

  4. I thought it was impossible for my faggotty-ass to love a woman as much as have loved Cheri Oteri. But alas, Amy Poehler WILL BE my wife (this isn’t up for discussion, Amy! love you always)

  5. @Jose Dre: Wow, you love Amy even more than Cheri? Cause that was true love, fo sho. I can understand though, cause I got a girl crush on Amy myself.

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