MTV announced it’s pulling the plug on Total Request Live, after 10 years on the air. I guess that means MTV is officially over music videos.

I’m of the generation that grew up watching Dial MTV and the Top 20 Video Countdown, starring this guy:

But I liked TRL too, mostly because it brings back a lot of fond memories. The first season began during my freshman year of college. I remember coming back to the dorm after class and watching Carson Daly play Backstreet Boys and Spice Girls videos.

I remember when folks banded together and requested “The Right Stuff,” by New Kids on the Block enough to get it aired in 1999. I remember when Carson and Jay-Z came on a train to Spencer, NC, the town where I went to high school, for a live broadcast of TRL. And I remember when Mariah Carey had her famous on-air meltdown:

Watch video here.

So, even though I haven’t watched TRL in years, I’m sad to see it go.


5 responses to “R.I.P., TRL

  1. and now she’s married to nick cannon…and that’s all i will say on that.

    i remember when there was the brief period when bands like koRn and the offspring (pretty fly for a white guy, wha!) were on the countdown. that was interesting and fun. because it was seeming pretty diverse in the pickings. it got so lame so fast. remember jesse camp!? that annoying, yet curiously skinny and tall street hippy? when they had the summer share house in seaside, i went to the set and jesse was filming a show atop The Wine Cellar on the boardwalk and i snapped some photos and i was like OMG TRL JESSE CAMP, blah blah. now it has those weird ass hosts like SUSIE. I HATE SUSIE. no.

  2. @AYL: OMG, Jesse Camp! That was so hilarious when he won because you could tell MTV wasn’t exactly thrilled about it because he was a total nut. Remember his band Jesse & the 8th Street Kidz?

  3. yes! see i knew there was a reason i thought he was a dirty street hippy. i knew i wasn’t pulling that out of nowhere. he actually had a band with the word “street” in it. his voice was mad-annoying. fingernails? down a chalkboard? uhyah.

  4. (but dave holmes, the runner up, got so much more work than jesse and stayed a lot longer, too)

  5. Uh….my college roommate and I used to tape TRL and watch it over and over again at night before bed.

    Wow. We were cool.

    I haven’t watched it in like 9 years or something.

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