Racism is Just Hilarious!

My buddy, Mr. Random Thoughts, tipped me off to this video, which has been making the rounds on the internet. Perhaps someone should tell these fellows at the Conservative Political Forum that Jesus don’t like ugly. And also, just because you’re stupid enough to think your “explanations” of the blatant racism all over your Obama Waffles package excuse your actions, don’t think we’re stupid enough to buy it.


17 responses to “Racism is Just Hilarious!

  1. So what? The word for politicians that changes positions is “Waffling”, hence the box? Now, if they said “Collard Greens” that would be different.

    I think they went over the line with the muslim garb thing and the rap song.

  2. @pashley1916: It’s not the “waffle” part that offends. It’s the Aunt Jemima-esque caricature, it’s the Muslim thing, it’s the rap song, it’s the illegal immigrant recipe/Obama in a sombrero. That’s racist shit, I’m sorry. If you want to call him out for being a waffler, do it without being racist. That just undermines any point you could make.

  3. When will the Muslim bashing end????
    Also the notion that if you learn a foreign language you are opening yourself to “invasion” is patently xenophobic.

  4. @TheDomina: Seriously! OMG, you want to learn a new language? You want to be a smarter person? Un-American!

    *head hits desk*

  5. you know, these fucking conservatives are making it so damn easy for him. seriously, he probably could just stop campaigning altogether, never say another word until the elections, and win because these dipshits are just digging themselves deeper and deeper. do they even realize they are being counter-productive for their cause?

    also, so racist, my mouth dropped open.

    FUCKIN KENYAN CLOTHING. educate yourfuckingselves.

  6. @pashley1916: if waffling was all they were truly getting at, then why not make a fuckin egg-o box. like egg-o(bama). something that has nothing to do with race, religion, social class standings, etc.

  7. I’m going to make Fat White Guys Bacon with a caricature of those guys with pig noses on the front. It’s brilliant. BRILLIANT!

  8. I can’t watch the video right now, but it reminds me of some letters to the editor and such that are all, “Obama’s just not American enough!” Read: Funny name, and black.

  9. @AYL: Eggos would have made so much more sense b/c people naturally associate waffles. The Aunt Jemima racism is there and they can’t pretend it isn’t.

  10. @pashley1916: You’re joking, right? If not, wow. We need to attack candidates on issues, not their race, gender or age. Period. That’s all. But when you throw in someone’s race, you are being racist. Period. I hope you are joking.

  11. @thedomina: RIGHT? when i think aunt jemima, i think PANCAKES. when has there ever been waffles on an aunt jemima box?!

    (‘course…just to cover my tracks, i googled it and found a few boxes of aunt jemima waffles…but they are mostly, if not all, MICROWAVE. an after thought to the original and most-known box, PANCAKES)

  12. I’m so weary of attacks based on personal characteristics, lets stick to issues of policy and leave the narrow-mindedness in the past!

  13. I hate white people…

  14. @Jose Dre: LOL, I know you do! 😉

  15. When folks say they don’t think Black people are really American, what they really mean is they don’t think Black people are really human.

  16. @CeeJeeMcBeeGee: Sadly, you’re exactly right. And that’s a big part of what’s wrong with this country. I want to shake these people and say, “It’s 2008! Are you aware of that?”

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