What the Huck?

Is there a full moon? Cause y’all, I’m feeling weird today, especially after reading this article in the Washington Post. In it, former GOP Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee calls on the McCain-Palin camp to stop all the mudslinging and campaign on the issues. Say wha? Y’all, the end is nigh, cause I gotta agree with the ol’ Huckster on this one.

Thanks to Meredith for telling me about this article!


4 responses to “What the Huck?

  1. Huckabee very occasionally makes me glad he’s from Arkansas. Very occasionally. He’ll occasionally be compassionate or common-sense where others are not. Then he talks about 30 million slaughtered from abortion and how if it weren’t for those aborted fetuses, illegal immigrants wouldn’t take our jobs. Then I have to scream.

  2. And to add, I recently read on fivethirtyeight.com that Arkansas has the highest percentage of white evangelicals in the nation. Which made me wonder, “Wait, why was I so eager to leave Texas again?” And I also like to blame that stat for peeps like the Huckster.

  3. Agreed, he’s generally a nut case. But it would be nice if the election dialogue was a step above the debate for who gets voted in as Prom King and Prom Queen!

  4. Yes, normally, he scares the shit out of me. But for once, I was like, “wow, he’s making some sense.” Thus, the apocalypse must be just around the corner.

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