Sobering Entertainment

Last night’s episode of A&E’s Intervention featured past subjects coming back to talk about their interventions and their recovery.

The episode featured several of my favorite subjects, including Sylvia, an alcoholic from NC:

Hubert, a man whose alcoholism drove him to homelessness:

And Coley, a father and meth addict:

Happily, all three of these subjects have stayed clean and seem to be doing very well. In fact, everyone featured, with the exception of Dillon, were doing well.

But the coolest thing for me was the candor expressed by the interventionists regarding their own histories of addiction.

Ken Seeley is a recovering meth addict, who shared that he recently celebrated 19 years of sobriety.

Candy Finnigan is more than 18 years into her recovery for alcoholism.

But the most interesting story was Jeff VanVonderen’s. After using drugs and alcohol heavily in the ’70s, VanVonderen sought recovery and then found himself helping others. Recently though, he fell off the wagon and began drinking again. He told the audience he’s taking a short leave of absence from the show in order to focus on his own sobriety.

To me, that’s one of the neatest things about this show. These people are just regular folks, with the same struggles as those they’re helping. They’ve been to the bottom and they still fight every day not to go there again. I think it makes them better equipped to help other addicts and I think it lends credence to the show.


2 responses to “Sobering Entertainment

  1. this is so hard to watch

  2. Addiction recovery is tough, and admirable, work. I appreciate how this show helps folks understand what needs to happen for EVERYONE to move forward. Good job DottyZ!

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