Hot Mess

I’d make a smart-ass remark about Madonna’s fur vest if I the terrifying sight of her arm hadn’t stolen my ability to snark.


6 responses to “Hot Mess

  1. omg why is she so skinny now!!

  2. I know that some people are naturally very thin, but it’s clear Madonna is not naturally this thin, so her arm is definitely troubling.

  3. angiesyounglover

    yeah, dotty, say something about that vest and that left jab is coming atchoo. look at that shit, she will fuck you up!

    it’s not that she’s thin, she’s just overly muscular and veiny. and the paleness (not knocking pale people, hello, i am one) just kinda adds to the scariness. but then i guess if she had a little more arm fat, things would be a little more normal-looking.

    yo, madge, quit going to the gym. tell gwenyth you wanna meet for burgers instead.

  4. You guys, her veins are just trying to express themselves. Hey hey hey heeeeeeyyyy…

  5. angiesyounglover

    @mayorofbethville: baby, ready or not!

  6. “See my vest, see my vest, made of real gorilla chest!”

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