Freaky Friday Flashback

It’s Friday, y’all! And even though that slut Hanna threatens to rain all over my weekend parade, I’m still so excited this week is almost over. Why is it that short weeks sometimes feel longer than full weeks?

Anyway, it’s time to take another look back into the annals of pop culture WTF moments.

This week, we travel all the way back to 1993 to remember a very special day in the life of an actress I feel an odd kinship with. Perhaps it’s because we’re both Southern, both 5′ 9″, both born on October 28. Or maybe it’s the fact that we both have abnormally large teeth. Whatever it may be, even though she’s kind of a husband-stealer, I have a bit of a soft spot for Julia Roberts. And in 1993, someone else had a soft spot for her too:

Bless it. Lyle Lovett’s one of those guys who’s so ugly, he’s kinda cute. And apparently, Julia felt the same way as she married him in 1993, after only knowing him for three weeks.

Nice veil, Jules. Is it just me, or does this look like a really awkward prom picture? Anyway, the union lasted for about two years, as the couple split in 1995. Roberts went on to marry Danny Moder, Lovett has been dating girlfriend April Kimble since 1999. Roberts and Lovett remained friends, though, and he even sang a song on the soundtrack to her 1998 movie, Stepmom.


2 responses to “Freaky Friday Flashback

  1. Oh My what a blast from the past!!!! That veil is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen.

  2. You know you’ve fucked up your wedding attire when you’re Julia Roberts, you’re marrying Lyle Lovett, and he looks 1000x better than you.

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