Hot Mess

Please gawd, let this mean there will be a crazy, gay/hippie/disco/fairy/belly dancer challenge this cycle. That is something the world needs to see!

7 responses to “Hot Mess

  1. You know it’s bad when they finally end up just photoshopping the clothes on…

  2. For real! And look at the Jays back there–how much you think Mr. Jay paid them to Photoshop those pecs in for him?

  3. I may have to watch, since this season is obviously featuring the entire cast of the Broadway musical Hair.

  4. Quick, everyone! To LonLon Ranch. We must save Zelda!

  5. I still think that’s Mariah Carey in the middle, not Tyra. Have they melded into one terrifying be-weaved attention whore?

  6. Holy.Hell, the whole thing has a weird hare krishna vibe…ughh.

  7. tyra. narcissism.

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