Yesterday, I got all riled up and nostalgic over this post on Defamer, about the seven defining stars of MTV that the network would never put on the air today. It made me miss the good ol’ days of MTV, the days when the network actually lived up to the title, Music Television. Remember music videos? Yeah, they were awesome:

So last night, after a few glasses of wine and a conversation with my boyfriend about this article, and the sad state of affairs at MTV, I spent a good hour or so looking up music videos on YouTube. Y’all, that is fun.

What’s great about it is you look up one video, and then YouTube reminds you with its suggestions of some other great video you totally forgot about. So last night, I started with Billy Idol’s “Rock the Cradle of Love” (which, say what you want about the song, that’s a hot video):

Then, YouTube suggested this classic, which I’d completely forgotten about:

And it just went on and on from there. It was all I could do to pull myself away from the computer to go to bed, just like back in the day when I’d get in trouble for staying up too late, watching videos on MTV.


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