Freaky Friday Flashback

Why yes, Garfield, it is! And you know what that means–it’s time to take a look back into annals of pop culture history for a Freaky Friday Flashback. Today’s WTF? moment in pop culture comes to us from 1992. The scene: A darkened SNL stage, a pretty young singer stands in the lone spotlight, her big brown eyes emotive as she sings an a capella song titled, “War.” Just as she finishes, she does this:

Fight the real enemy, Sinead!


2 responses to “Freaky Friday Flashback

  1. I remember when this was some hard-core shit.

  2. I was never a great fan of hers, but I will give her kudos for that big FUCK.YOU to the Catholic church, especially with all the abuse issues Pope John Paul was ignorning…just like every other Pope.

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