Fashion Forward

For the past week or so, I’ve excitedly made the trek to my mailbox, giddy to find the phone book-thick September fall fashion issues of all my favorite fashion magazines.

And each year, they seem to get thicker and thicker, with Vogue usually leading the pack in page count (boasting “798 Pages of Brilliant Fall Fashion”). But one thing Vogue never seems to lead the pack on, in my opinion, are cover designs. Just look at this year’s. Poor Keira Knightley looks like she got drunk and decided to cut her own hair right before the shoot. And again, with Knightley! She’s on the cover every other month, it seems, and I’m still not certain why. Is she really that big of a fashion icon? And this isn’t the first time La Wintour and crew went with a questionable cover model for the most important issue of the year. Take a gander at 2007:

Yes, it’s everyone’s favorite husband stealing skank, Sienna Miller, also sporting less than spectacular hair.

To be honest, there have been few September Vogue covers in recent years that really caught my eye. I liked 2006:

Kirsten Dunst looks so amazing as Marie Antionette (now that’s some dramatic hair!), and while KiKi isn’t exactly my idea of a fashion icon, Marie Antionette certainly was. Plus, it just looks cool.

I also liked 2004:

ZOMG, models on the cover! And it’s a fold-out! I loved this one because it kind of reminded me of some of those awesome supermodel group shots by Herb Ritts in the late ’80s and early ’90s.

What a cover! And it’s not even fall fashion. Those were the days!

So, what’s the moral to this story? Vogue really needs to step it up, at least for September. Make your covers memorable, Anna! Or at least slightly appealing.

6 responses to “Fashion Forward


    I’m so over Vogue right now. Their YSL tribute was atrocious.

  2. I doubt that anyone needs a wide metal belt, let alone two to wear inexplicably stacked upon some velour draping. Bad call, Vogue cover stylist.

  3. I think Keira photographs well, as they say, but I don’t get the hair. And I do like big dramatic foufy covers, like the 2006 one. I have InStyle and Harper’s Bazaar as well (bought the latter). And Sports Illustrated apparently decided 8 gold medals are all the rage this fall.

    I meant to make fun of this Vogue cover, dangit. I’m falling down on the job.

  4. Can we also discuss how the set looks like an iParty aisle exploded in the background? It is ridiculously cheap looking and does nothing for the clothes.

  5. @sigourneyfever: That set is awful. It almost looks like the background of the “funky” mid-year school pictures we’d take in elementary school in the ’80s.

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