OK, I know what superficial fluff “The Hills” is, but y’all, I can’t help myself, I love that show! And Season 4 starts TONIGHT!

At the end of last season (like, two months ago, but whatever), things were starting to get interesting. A rift between Audrina and Lauren was beginning to grow, due to Lauren’s close relationship with Laguna Beach BFF Lo, and Audrina’s renewed friendship with LC’s nemesis, Heidi. Lauren and Whitney both left Teen Vogue to work for bi-coastal stylist Kelly Cutrone, and there were hints that Whit might leave La-La-Land for the high fashion Big Apple. Not to mention all the boy troubles, Lauren’s friendship with Spencer’s sister and Heidi and Spencer’s continuing sham of a relationship. So, what’s going to happen tonight? Here’s a sneak peek:

Stay tuned for the post-game breakdown tomorrow!


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