Sixx Items or Less

Remember that awesome scene in “Waiting to Exhale” where Angela Bassett’s character takes all of her cheating husband’s belongings and sets them on fire, inside his expensive car (Elizabeth, call me, I’ll help you carry his things outside!)?

Well, apparently Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx’s ex-wife, Donna D’Errico does and decided to do something similar, with a more 21st-century feel–she’s selling all of Nikki’s shit on eBay.

Screen grab courtesy of

Apparently, after the couple’s split in 2006, D’Errico decided she’d had enough of the reminders of her nine-year union with Sixx. So she gave the stuff, including her wedding dress, to a friend, who’s posted it all on eBay. A portion of the proceeds will go to benefit Donna’s Corner, a charity D’Errico set up to help women going through divorce. Although, if you ask me, Donna’s Corner just sounds like a fancy name for the divorce booze fund. Either way, it’s better than letting all that perfectly sellable stuff go to waste.


16 responses to “Sixx Items or Less

  1. Women who commit vandalism should be arrested, fined, and made to pay retribution.

  2. And men who commit adultery should do the same.

  3. Having extra women is good, vandalism is bad.

  4. Um, not really, but thanks for sharing.

  5. I had a big, super-fun crap throwing festival in my apartment when I finally dumped my ex for good. It’s very freeing to let go of all of the junk you collected together, and all of those things he said you could never throw away because they were too special.

    If you can value your belongings over another human being, you deserve to have your crap sold on Ebay. That is all.

  6. I am surprised to find a site like this that celebrates female vandalism. There are two kinds of men: those who fool around and those who want to. Get over it. All you are angry at in the end is yourself for thinking you could own another person.

  7. HA, I’m so changing the tag line of the site to “A Celebration of Female Vandalism.”

  8. I have decided to post on my site about female vandalism. I will link to you for an alternate viewpoint. Do you think a lot of women feel justified in destroying a cheater’s property?

  9. Your ex burned your stuff up, didn’t she?

    Please do link here. I’d be interested to hear your viewpoint.

  10. No, my ex did not burn stuff. I do notice that females tend to think they should be paid for their husband’s infidelity. I might include that in my vandalism take. I am at

    Putting your link on my site now, have not written the vandalism post.

  11. @manupmen: If you cheated, no offense, but you deserved it. Vandalism isn’t right if it’s just a simple break-up and someone has sour grapes over it. But if you did something horrible to the other person, you have it coming. End of story.

  12. We also might see this as a happy alternative to burning up the asshole himself if you want to think about it hard enough.

  13. Mayor, you are evil.

  14. Hey Dotty, you have a little douche on your blog. C’mere, let me take care of it with my shiny blowtorch.

    There, all better.

  15. Manupmen a word of advice – SEEK.LIFE.ELSE.WHERE.

    The women of this blog call bullshit on douchbag men and roast them like the little marshmellow they are!

  16. @manupmen: Hm…yes…quite.

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