Elizabeth Speaks, Well, Sort Of

The upcoming issue of People Magazine features a cover story on Elizabeth Edwards, wife of former Democratic Presidential hopeful and admitted cheater, John Edwards. While the story doesn’t quote Edwards directly, her best friend, Hargrave McElroy, speaks, telling the magazine:

“There was anguish – excruciating anguish – for her in dealing with this,”

I bet. But the article does raise an important point, which is how Edwards’ terminal diagnosis affected her decision to either stick by or dump her cheating ass of a husband:

Elizabeth, 59, faced an agonizing choice: “Do I kick him out, or do we have a 30-year marriage that can be rebuilt?” says McElroy. The fact that she suffers from a terminal disease, one that could rob her children – Jack, 8, Emma Claire, 10 and Cate, 26, a student at Harvard Law School – of their mother, weighed heavily in her decision.

“She couldn’t say, ‘Well, maybe we’ll work through this for years, or maybe we should separate for two years,'” adds Elizabeth’s best friend. “[The cancer] forced her to choose whether to move forward.”

That’s tough. I’m sure her initial reaction was to want to throw his sorry ass out into the street. But she doesn’t have the time or energy for a messy divorce, not to mention the fallout that would cause for her children. It’s just such an unfortunate situation and it seems, until she gets her gold-plated seat in heaven (I think she earned that one), she’s kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place. Here’s hoping she’s got plenty of pebbles to ding John on the head with.


6 responses to “Elizabeth Speaks, Well, Sort Of

  1. I’ve always loved Elizabeth, about as much as I’ve always disliked John (sorry DZ…). She has never seemed to be anything but classy, and I’ll totally admit to a pretty big girl crush on her. Here’s to hoping she has many large pebbles stashed away somewhere.

  2. @london_calling: Well, apparently you had the foresight to see he was an asshole. I wish I’d known!

    And yes, I love Elizabeth so much. She’s such an intelligent, classy woman, and it’s a shame her asshole husband treated her the way he did. She doesn’t deserve that.

  3. Concur DottyZ, she ascends directly to the right hand of God upon her passing!

  4. @AGreenEyeDevil: Hooray, WordPress stopped eating your comments!

  5. The history that people have together is huge. I always thought that if a dude cheated, I could just be done with him. But it involves so much more than just breaking away from someone who has hurt you. It’s an entire lifestyle change. And it’s scary and lonely. I can understand someone wanting to patch things up. But it makes me sad anyway.

  6. I’m still reserving judgment b/c this is her “friend” speaking out (wasn’t Elizabeth just begging for privacy too?) not her.

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