I’ve Got Olympic Fever!

And apparently, it’s a real disease, cause I’ve been sick as a dog for the past four days. Luckily for me, that means I have plenty of time to park my behind on the couch and watch all the drama unfold at the Olympic Games in Beijing. And there’s plenty of drama to enjoy.

Y’all, how amazing is Michael Phelps? The 23-year-old swimmer picked up his 10th and 11th gold medals last night, making him the winningest Olympian in the history of the games. And he’s still just a kid! Amazing.

But all my joy over Phelps was lessened a bit after the U.S. women’s gymnastics team lost the gold to the Chinese team. Yes, some of our girls fell, and that certainly sealed their fate, but it has to be said that there’s some shady business going on with that Chinese team. They’re all 15 or 16, according to their government-issued papers, but judging by their diminutive size (even by gymnast standards) and the fact that China has a relentless hunger for gold during these games, I have my doubts. And apparently, so does the New York Times.

Swimming and gymnastics are my two faves, but what’s got you pumped during the summer games?


6 responses to “I’ve Got Olympic Fever!

  1. They have to turn 16 this year, right? I call bullshit-some of those girls, no way in hell. I wanted to hug Alica Sacramone. After the first couple rotations last night I had to make an effort to pull back and stop being so intense about it. I think I was more nervous than the girls!

    If I was on the American team, my mom would say, “The Chinese girls needed it more” because they’re being oppressed and are insanely young and their government is nuts. Maybe so, but that still wouldn’t make me feel better. At least not at the time.

    I hope Liukin and Johnson kick ass in all-around. I want em to go 1-2.

    I heard next year gymnastics is making the rules for proving your age more stringent-good, but a bit too late to help now.

  2. Yeah, I’m sorry, but I gotta call shenanigans on those Chinese girls. There’s no way they’re as old as they say they are. I mean, I was in Des Moines earlier this year and saw an exhibit displaying one of Shawn Johnson’s outfits and it looked like a doll outfit. And these girls are smaller than her! No way.

  3. I remember in the atlanta olympics Monceanu was only like 14. Did they change it after that?
    I really wanted to root for the US women’s team but i couldn’t stand to look at them. They all had these painfully bored/ paris hilton faces on.
    I watched the men’s gymnastics the other night and they are completely different. Those guys were screaming their heads off, so excited that they won a BRONZE. These girls had total bitchfaces when they knew they had silver.
    I know its all about winning the gold but they have a great opportunity here to showcase their talent to the world. Its called showmanship ladies.

  4. Spicy, I do believe they raised the limit right after Atlanta. I remember that as well-Moceanu, that is.

    I thought the men were great to watch, but I think the girls were more nervous than snobby. But the men knew they had less to lose, so you’re right that they did perform with more abandon. Looking forward to men’s all-around tonight, even though China will probably win (again). Wondering if any “boner” comments will be made tonight by the men.

  5. That boner comment was hilarious!

  6. @LaLa- I love watching the men’s gymnastics. Gets me all bothered. Kidding. Ok not really.

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