God Bless America

I love America Ferrera. She rocks it out on “Ugly Betty” and she just seems so cute and fun in real life. And when I saw this video on E!’s “The Soup” this weekend, I loved America even more:

I’m sorry, but that’s just hilarious.


8 responses to “God Bless America

  1. OMG. The uncontained contempt is priceless, but damnit, I want to see the rest of the clip! You know she had to rip into that bubblehead at some point.

  2. I was DYING at this clip. Well played, America.

  3. Fucking beautiful. I love America Ferrera. I would have been pissed too. Hello? Ugly Betty. No mention of that? Classy.

  4. Also, my heart skips a beat a little when I see a picture of AF. I think I might have a crush.

  5. She is so cute, isn’t she?

  6. angiesyounglover

    i just love the way blake gets so into it, she stars getting all smiley and using her hands and shit. you know she’s totally that friend that everyone has that when you ask “how are you” they spill IT ALL. and just keep going. how’s my day? OH. you didn’t bother to ask me back. keep going on about the hamptons, though, please.

  7. Skinny Bone Jones


    America FTW!

  8. That was hilarious! She was just reacting like everyone else seeing Blake talk about GG is doing right now.

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