My heart just broke yesterday when I heard comedian and actor Bernie Mac died yesterday. Mac, 50, died of complications of pneumonia. 

I guess I first really got into Mac after seeing him in “Kings of Comedy” (filmed in NC–represent!). He had me howling and I was instantly a fan. From then on, I enjoyed seeing him inject hilarity into films such as “Ocean’s 11” and on his show, “The Bernie Mac Show.” 

I’d like to share one of my favorite bits from “Kings of Comedy.” R.I.P., Bernie Mac, your laughter and talent will be missed.


2 responses to “RIP

  1. He had such a gift for comedy and wit, he was one of my favs from the Oceans 11 franchise. Heaven just got a lot funnier this weekend, RIP Bernie.

  2. Hey guys, just wanted to give you a link to a really sad story on about Bernie’s final days:,,20218110,00.html. It sounds like he and his wife had an amazing marriage and I’m just so sad for her and the rest of his family. Such a tragedy.

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