John Edwards: Dead to Me

I’m sure you’ve heard. Y’all, I am seething with anger. As a Democrat and a North Carolinian, John was my boy. I supported him politically from the first time I saw him speak on the campus of my alma mater, during his 1998 Senatorial campaign. I liked what he stood for, I liked that he came from humble beginnings like me and a lot of people I knew, and I liked that he was a family man, with an intelligent, articulate wife who wasn’t afraid to open her mouth and voice her opinion. When he ran for President again this year, I supported him until he dropped out, and I admired his and Elizabeth’s strength in facing and dealing with her cancer diagnosis. When the rumors of an affair with campaign worker Rielle Hunter first surfaced, I said, “No way, John wouldn’t do that. He wouldn’t cheat on Elizabeth with anyone, much less that chick.”

Seriously, WTF, John? This is the bitch you’d jeopardize your family, career and life over? Really? 

The truth is, John fucked up. Big time. And I’m so pissed off at him for being a cheating asshole, I don’t know what to do. And I’m pissed at this skank for fucking around with someone she knew was a married man with small children. They’re both assholes and if Elizabeth needs some help beating either of them down, I got her back. Just give me a call, Elizabeth.


16 responses to “John Edwards: Dead to Me

  1. I want you to know, this post gave me the laugh that I must have every day!

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  3. Ahh Dotty I’m sorry. Don’t they always cheat with the least understandable adulteresses? Elizabeth is a better woman than I am for forgiving him and, as usual, she was very eloquent in explaining the aftermath of all this-I think I read something she wrote on,, maybe? I wonder if this will affect their oldest daughter’s ability to trust men at all? It would me-of course, it doesn’t take much for that to happen. Ahem.

    I do question his running for president again. If he was the nominee now-oh boy. Oh boy.

    And Hunter is refusing to submit to a paternity test? Ugh. I want to know damnit. If he lied about the affair, I want to know if he lied about the kid too. Hey bitch, don’t have an affair with John Edwards then start blabbing about privacy.

  4. The whole thing just disgusts me. And if that kid is his, he needs to do the right thing and take care of it. And his political career is certainly over.

  5. Oh DottyZ this is tragic and infuriating. Elizabeth’s statement via People was eloquent and gracious, she just spirals higher and higher in my opinion. John on the other hand is about as esteemed as the local drug dealer in my book.

    I find it interesting the mistress left NC prior to the birth and landed in Calif. In NC the birth certificate must cite a father or state unknown, in Calif you can leave that section blank/no response…which is what she did. And what’s with this elaborate scheme of enabling around John: the $3M house for her in Calif from via a wealthy Texas supporter, hush $$ to her, hush money to Andrew Young (a married man w/children) for trying to take the heat, people setting up meetings in hotels and driving both of them to/from the rendevous. How many people have to be dragged into this situation because John couldn’t keep his pants zipped and now there’s a baby? Holy.freakin.hell – ENOUGH!

    How sad that Elizabeth’s last years have to be marked by this kind of scandalous, caddy behavior. I hope the DNC freezes him out – permanently.

  6. Ok, I’ll admit my tackiness – I bought The Enquirer at the grocery store tonight. Shame on me, but damn if they don’t appear to be ahead of the curve on this story!

    Mr/Mrs Young, their family AND the mistress relocated to California in December…and lived in the same house. Tempers flared, imagine that, and the mistress landed a seperate house. All of this per the Enquirer. I will say, the photo of John with the baby is NOT very convincing, and it may be one of the few things he’s been truthful about in saying that’s not him in the pic.

    I’m still just baffled as to the level of enabling/cover-up that has surrounded this situation. It really makes me question how many other things/mistresses he may have covered up in his life.

    The more I hear, the worse I feel for Elizabeth…who in my opionion will ascend to the Right Hand of God upon her passing for having to endure all that has happened in her life!

    John just tell the truth. Tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth, then slither away never be heard from again…PLEASE.

  7. Can someone just shoot the mistress?
    What slime!!!!

    These women not only ruin other women’s lives, they ruin the children’s too! Elizabeth has 3 children who will all suffer! Thanks Hunter….

  8. @AGreenEyeDevil: I know, I just feel so bad for Elizabeth and those kids. They’ve been through so much what with the death of the oldest son, her cancer and now this. It just makes me so angry that he could be so selfish and thoughtless to do something so stupid and hurtful.

  9. angiesyounglover

    uglyass helmet hair whipsy lame fuck face mistress deserves to be lowered down into the hipster den where hungry hipsters who haven’t had a meal (so to fit into the skinny jeans) in a month will await her dirty homewrecking presence.

    as for the dude, my girl will fuck him up and then make him die in a fire while, after which, we take the wife out for cinnabon and cupcakes. WORD.

  10. @AYL: Hell yeah! First round of cinnabon and cupcakes is on me!

  11. Ugh. So fucking disappointing. And who really loses? Everyone who would have benefitted from Edwards’ poverty plans. So now the entire point of his campaign, and whatever power he had to ensure that the poor people of this country would be heard, is GONE, thanks to his inability to keep it in his fucking pants. Asshole.

  12. Exactly. I so wanted him to get a cabinet position if the Dems win, so he could get to work on some of those plans. Now, that’s all in the toilet. What a fucking idiot.

  13. Snoop-Diggity-DANG-Dawg

    “And who really loses? Everyone who would have benefitted from Edwards’ poverty plans.”

    Yeah, except that now you should understand that JE is and always was a pathological liar. Need proof? How is it that someone so passionate about poverty could live in a 25,000 sq.ft mansion and have $100 million in assets?

    Shouldn’t he hive some of that away? Ya know, to the poor?

    Nah, we couldn’t do that. John Edwards wanted to end poverty by redistributing everybody else’s money, except his own.

    This two-bit charletan is finally getting what I always suspected he deserved.

  14. Actually, he did give some of his money to charity. He also spent a lot of it on campaigning, which you really can’t fault him for. It’s not like he owns ten houses he can’t even keep up with, like some candidates I know.

    And also, his wealth was self-made, he grew up in poverty. That’s a lot more than I can say for most politicians out there.

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