Paris Hilton, For President?


After John McCain’s ridiculous ad comparing Barack Obama to Paris Hilton and Britney Spears last week, Paris Hilton has responded with her own ad. And y’all, it’s actually kind of funny (which is likely due to the Funny or Die guys, but still): 

6 responses to “Paris Hilton, For President?

  1. AGreenEyeDevil

    The video reads as not available, but a dim pic and clear audio did come through…strange. Anyhoo…the Funny or Die guys knocked one out of the park! And Paris wasn’t half bad, which stuns me.

  2. angiesyounglover

    yeah i’m liking that she didn’t use her stupid baby voice. i always forget that she has a normal one. except when she said “loves it” but i’ll let it slide since that’s her thing or whatever.

  3. yet again Paris is using events to give herself another PR boost… she’s a thinker alright

  4. While it pains me to defend anything Paris does, John McCain did use her image in his ad to make a point, so she has every right to comment on/mock his ad.

  5. Media Boy, although I have nothing but disdain for Paris, she does have the right of rebuttal since McCain used her image w/o consent. Dotty Z is correct, so thanks and good-bye!

  6. CO-Sign AGreenEyeDevil, she has the right to respond and she did great!!!!

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