A Love Letter to Stephen Colbert

Dearest Stephen,

I know you’re a family man, and I’m taken myself, but I can no longer keep my feelings inside. I love you. I realized this as I sat on a plane, laughing out loud at your recent Esquire cover story, not caring that the people around me were staring. I’d suspected my feelings of admiration for you, which I first felt watching you as a Daily Show correspondent, were growing stronger. My heart leapt with every “Better Know a District:”

Then you introduced your “Balls for Kids” series, and I felt giddy, like a high school girl who just talked to her big crush:

Then there was the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, and, well, let’s just say I like to watch this one alone (I mean, between the tux hotness and the nailing of W, it makes sense, right?):

So anyway, Stephen, I know we can never be, but like the eagle soars, so does my love for you. 

Yours always,



2 responses to “A Love Letter to Stephen Colbert

  1. I may have to fight you for Stephen, unless we can come to a mutual sharing agreement!

  2. I second the Colbert love. He is dreamy. And so damn funny and amazing at improvising.

    I also heart Jon Stewart, but Colbert is definitely up there as well. Which reminds me, I dreamed of Jon Stewart in my afternoon nap. I’m hazy on what he was doing, but I do know he wasn’t doing anything to me or with me, alas.

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