Go West!


Your fearless blogger’s going to the Wild West! Well, at least for a few days. I’m hitting the road tomorrow morning, so posts may be sporadic the next couple days. But I’ll try my best to keep you updated if anything big pops off (maybe a LiLo/SamRon wedding? Oooh, in my dreams!).

Off to rope the cowboys,



4 responses to “Go West!

  1. Adios DottyZ , have lots of fun with the cowboys and horses!

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  3. angiesyounglover

    i like how the paper that she cut the star out of is on the floor by the stool. keep it classy, cowgirl!

    bye dottyz!

  4. myrtlebeachbum

    Enjoy yourself, Dotty. Dixie eagerly awaits your return.

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