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For once, I hope the National Enquirer’s got it right. According to a report in the tabloid, producers have found their Riddler for the next installment of the Batman series:

Johnny Depp! Yes! Depp has the weird, macabre thing down pat, and would make an excellent addition to the amazing actors associated with this series. Also, according to the NE, studio bosses have a favorite for the role of the Penguin:

Philip Seymour Hoffman! How amazing would he be? The Oscar winning actor’s certainly got the chops and like Heath Ledger, knows how to lose himself in a character (he was Truman Capote).

Of course, all of this is speculation at this point, as nothing’s been confirmed. But just the speculation alone has me salivating for the next film! Bring it on!


12 responses to “Movie Gossip

  1. I’d be more intrigued by Depp as Riddler than Hoffman as Penguin, but either one of those would be a nice addition to the franchise, you’re right. I don’t want anyone else to play the Joker. And I don’t think anyone else needs to, based on how the film went (hope that’s not a spoiler).

    Err, I’m a little afraid to ask, but speaking of the Enquirer, what do you make of their reports on a certain politician from NC? I’m torn-I can see him doing that, since while he’s done some good work, he’s still a politician, and they cheat. On the other hand, where’s the pics, NE?

  2. Dude, that story (if it’s true) breaks my fucking heart. But I refuse to believe it until I get some hard evidence from a reputable source (which, I don’t consider the NE to be).

    If it is true though, I’ll be glad to go help Elizabeth kick his ass.

  3. That sound be awesome about Depp, but I’ve heard that Nolan wants nothing to do with the Penguin, so it’s probably a long shot.

  4. angiesyounglover

    oh depp, oh shit, oh yes!!
    i kinda want kevin spacey in there somewhere, just because i think he’s amazing. he doesn’t have to be a villian (though he plays a great villian) but he can just be, like, ya know, around on the street or something.

  5. angiesyounglover

    oh nevermind, he’s on the superman circuit, i forgot. you can’t cross over. sigh.

  6. Damn, I wish they could cross over because I love Kevin Spacey so much. And I’d like to see him in something totally rockin’ (I mean, what the hell was that “21” mess about?).

  7. angiesyounglover

    just keep thinking: usual suspects, usual suspects, usual suspects. and then there’s life of david gale. oh and seven, and of course american beauty. oh shit you kevin spacey, why superman!? lehme.

  8. You know, AYL, in the cartoon versions of Superman and Batman they actual live in the same world and have worked together at some points. So it’s not that crazy of a idea that Kevin Spacey could be in Batman. Besides, no one even remembers that Superman movie.

  9. This post was a scroll-down double-gasp. I would be there on opening fucking night for Mssr Depp as the Riddler. Swoon. And if they film in Chicago again, I WILL find a way to be constantly next to his trailer during the entire process.

  10. Wow. Just wow. I love both of these guys, and THIS would be awesome. Fingers crossed.

  11. AGreenEyeDevil

    Concur Dotty Z, Depp is a master of dark/twisted AND funny. Heath has set the bar high. It will take serious talent not to ruin this Batman series. Keep us posted!

  12. truculentandunreliable

    @blondegrlz: Exactly. They’re both part of the DCverse. Why not?

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