Couples Watch

Summer’s the time for romance and flings, so I’d like to take a moment to check in on some of Hollywood’s current couples. First up, a couple so boring, I totally forgot they’re even dating:

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel

These two are still together? Who knew? I guess I was too busy snoozing, because they’re so dull, to even notice.  Next up, the couple most likely to be mistaken as a brother and sister:

Adrien Grenier and Isabel Lucas

Seriously, don’t these two look related? I wonder if he’s dating her because she’s the closest he can get to dating himself without it getting too weird.

Finally, we have my absolute favorite Hollywood couple out there right now. They’re young, they’re in love, and from the looks of it, really happy and having lots of fun together:

Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson

Seriously, could these two be any cuter? I’m so glad Linds has found someone nice who’s interested in her as a person, and not likely to use her to gain their 15 minutes of fame (Sam doesn’t need any help as she’s a pretty accomplished DJ and musician from a family of accomplished musicians). Ah, summer love. I hope this one lasts the whole year through (and then some).

7 responses to “Couples Watch

  1. “First up, a couple so boring, I totally forgot they’re even dating:” THANK YOU! Every time I hear about these two, I realize I think he’s still dating Scarlett Johanson (who, I know, is engaged to Ryan Reynolds, but that just doesn’t register).

    Sam and Linds are great because it is a real relationship. Every other pairing in Hollywood just seems so manufactured.

  2. angiesyounglover

    hell yes, samantha and lindsay, yes.

    i think that isabel and adrien went eyebrow shopping together.

  3. In “The Thin Man Goes Home”, one of the main suspects is named Sam Ronson. And she’s waaay better looking than the potential-murder Sam Ronson in the film.

  4. notaclevername

    Justin has the weirdest taste in women. I just do not understand it.

    LiLo and SamRon are cute. I totally signed Sam Ronson up for Red Robin emails over the weekend.

    I’m so not even kidding.

  5. LiLo and SamRon are the best. They just make me smile every time I see a new pic of them together. So cute and obviously, so happy.

  6. Yeah, what’s up with Jessica Biel and JT? She is so clearly a big ole’ dyke.

    And, how much do I love you for loving my favorite couple? Seriously, stop flirting with me.

  7. Ha, you know we can’t help but flirt!

    But seriously, I love Lilo and SamRon so much. They’re just so freaking cute together and I’m so glad she’s with someone who seems to actually care for her (and also seems to be a good influence).

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