Country Club

See this here? That’s the cover of Jessica Simpson’s upcoming country album. Can’t you tell? She’s wearing cowboy boots! She’s so country!

Ol’ Jess is just the latest in a line of washed up pop/rock acts to try to revive their floundering careers with a country album. What results is usually a twangy mix of clichés and lame stereotypes. Kind of like this here:

Yeah, I realize country music is hotter now than it’s probably ever been. Crossover stars like Faith Hill and man-candy crooners like Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw pack concert arenas and amphitheaters, and sell albums like it’s nothing. But to me, most of that’s not real country music. It’s just like what rock and rap and everything else has become: watered down crap sung by a pretty face.

Where are the Patsy Clines, Willie Nelsons, Johnny Cashes, Tammy Wynettes and Hank Juniors of our time? Are today’s country performers too afraid of backlash from the conservatives who buy their music to sing about anything real? For the love of Dolly, can we get some real country music and ban all these washed up pop tarts from further bastardizing our beloved genre?

I’m keeping my fingers crossed and until then, I’ll be listening to guys like this:


6 responses to “Country Club

  1. Is it called “Do you know?” Do I know she’s a fame whore? Do I know I’m sick of having to think about her everytime someone mentions the QB of my favorite team? Do I know I want her to be hit by a bus?

    Yes, yes and yes.

  2. AGreenEyeDevil

    I’ll stick to King George, thank you very much. That’s a classy, fine looking man in Wranglers that could sing the damn phone book and I’d be impressed. Nuff said!

  3. I agree….old country is the best ever.

  4. myrtlebeachbum

    If that’s country, you can KISS MY ASS.

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