Diddy Old Man

According to Star Magazine (so, maybe we can take this with a grain of salt), Sean “Diddy” Combs, 38, is engaged to his protégée, singer Cassie, 21. Combs signed Cassie to his label, Bad Boy Records, in 2006 and released her self-titled album featuring the single “Me & U.”

If this is all true, and these two wed, I give it maybe 3 months. First of all, Combs has shown he’s not the best when it comes to relationships: See failed unions with Jennifer Lopez, Kim Porter (mother of his baby twins and on-and-off girlfriend for more than 10 years) and Misa Hylton-Brim, mother of his eldest child, Justin. Secondly, this girl is 21. And she’s marrying a guy 17 years older than her. Um, yeah, that sounds like a great idea.

7 responses to “Diddy Old Man

  1. myrtlebeachbum

    He’s a such a caricature of himself. Sadness.

  2. He really is. A total joke. It’s almost like as soon as Biggie died, he just felt free to become a total clown.

  3. I misread that as “engaged to his profitable singer, Cassie.”

    I maintain that’s a pretty accurate misread, though.

  4. Stop hating! Of course this is a crap story that could be a publicity stunt. Why would he do this? Doesn’t make sense. Why would she do this? Doesn’t make sense. Plus, who cares who marries who?

    I’d rather be a rich “clown” than a broke clown!

  5. Well, Mr. Random, there have been rumors about a romance between these two for the past year or so. It may not be true, but come on, other than the obvious, what does a 38-year-old man want with a 21-year-old woman? 21 is YOUNG.

    And seriously, he may be rich, but he’s a total sellout. And that makes me sad.

  6. Before freaking about diddy’s “sellout” skill. Wonder what do you do with your life. He is smart, “sellout” but everyday makes money, everybody always see his 3 hit shows(VH1:i want to work for diddy, MTV:making the band, run’s house). His clothing line 500millions a year, fragrances, vodka, rims,publicity etc. As a gift he f*cks famous women/girls in the game from nyc to hollywood. Diddy’s lyric “Pick an actress which aint swiming”.
    So what do you do? Maybe blogging give you a dollar.

  7. I blog for fun on the side. You needn’t worry about me.

    Maybe you should learn to spellcheck before you start calling people out, though.

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