So, Sue Me

Homewrecking hussy Sienna Miller’s not too happy about British newspapers printing pictures of her cavorting with a married man. According to, the actress is suing photo agency Big Pictures and News International, publisher of the “News of the World” and “Sun” newspapers.  The pictures showed her topless with married actor Balthazar Getty (“Brothers and Sisters”) off the Amalfi coast.

I’m sorry, but you know what honey? Karma’s a bitch and she’s tired of your ass hopping from man to man, breaking up families (Getty has 4 children with his now estranged wife) and causing trouble. How about you take some time off from dudes and just focus on your career? Cause lord knows, it needs some help.


4 responses to “So, Sue Me

  1. So, you can sue someone for printing things THAT ARE TRUE? And the photos that prove it?

    God, I’ve got a lot of lawsuits to file, in that case!

  2. Has she ever made a decent movie? Ever?

    And I would advise the men who think she’s the shit to check themselves as well. Jude Law may be making 9 million movies a year, but when’s the last time any of us saw one?

  3. This is what you do when you’re talentless, though.

    We really need to be throwing some dislike at old BG as well. He’s the one with four kids, not Sienna Miller. He was just as capable of saying no as she was and has more reason to do so.

  4. So true. He is a fucking asshole of the highest order. Karma shall bite him in his cheating ass soon enough, I’m certain.

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