It’s About Time

In an industry notorious for its lily-white image, it’s fitting that Italian Vogue’s “Black Issue” is the hottest thing to hit the newsstands in ages. According to Folio, the demand for the issue featuring all black models is so high that Condé Nast is reprinting the issue—10,000 copies to be exact, polybagged with the tagline “Most Wanted Issue Ever” and “First Reprint” across the front.

Conventional (i.e. racist) wisdom in the magazine industry says that putting a black face on the cover of your magazine means it won’t sell well. Apparently for fashion magazines, that also means putting black faces inside, since you rarely see anyone with brown skin within the pages of the major fashion mags (seriously, I challenge you to find more than one or two, if even that). So the fact that people are scrambling to buy this issue, which is in Italian and goes for $16-$20, just goes to show that “conventional wisdom” is a bunch of crap. You listening, Anna Wintour?

For more info about the issue and what’s inside, check my girl Laia’s amazing fashion blog, Geometric Sleep. The blog was recently featured on‘s list of top fashion bloggers!

4 responses to “It’s About Time

  1. Yeah, that’s what I’m talkin’ bout!

  2. myrtlebeachbum

    Who are these black models you speak of, and where can I find out more?

    Meanwhile, I’m just waiting for the Jessica Simpson cover on American Vogue. Years ago, I wrote them to tell them to motherfucking suck it for putting Laura Bush on the cover with her LAME hot chocolate recipe inside. I gotta give ’em credit for printing the letter, but still

  3. Oh snap, your letter to the editor got printed in Vogue? That’s hot, man.

    Yeah, I’m so over American Vogue. I let my subscription run out and they keep sending me bills saying I’d signed up for “automatic renewal.” WTF? As my father likes to say, “you can’t get blood from a turnip, so they won’t be getting any money from me.”

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